Our firm was a seasoned and successful brokerage, property management and syndication firm when we engaged Syndication Law Group as our securities counsel in 2006. SLG’s services have always been delivered on time and on budget. We have leveraged their extensive experience in our strategic and growth plans as well. I am always referring SLG to companies and entrepreneurs trying to syndicate.”

  Rand Sperry                                                        President Sperry Equities and Sperry            Commercial Global Affiliates

“We first engaged Syndication Law Group back in the 1980’s. SLG has always been much more to Allen Properties than merely our securities counsel, however.  SLG took a lead role in introducing our firm to the broker-dealer market which ultimately resulted in a selling agreement with one of the top firms. Soon thereafter we completed three of our largest capital raises and purchased assets that prior to SLG’s involvement would have been out of our reach. Through the years we have navigated through all the possible market conditions and SLG’s advice has always been spot on. ”

Paul Allen                                                                President Allen Properties                              

Since 1976 we have been helping small to medium-sized real estate developers, brokers, lenders, property managers, broker-dealers, investors, RIA’s and independent due diligence firms. Our clients are in every commercial and residential real estate sector using the syndication process to raise equity, debt, bridge and revenue participation capital through specified property and blind pool syndications and joint ventures. Our services are an integration of a unique combination of legal, education, placement advisory, and innovation services. These services and our capabilities have evolved through our research/teaching, through our own syndication company “in-the-trenches” experiences (see Case Study: Uptown Properties) and through our passion about innovation. Many of our clients have been with the firm over 25 years.


  • Affordable. Our fee structures are half the price of large law firms.
  • Fast. Our structuring, planning and documentation is twice as fast as larger law firms. Perfect for specified property syndicators who have to raise their capital during the escrow-to-purchase process. Our clients don’t have to endure the slow and costly process of waiting on layers of senior partners, junior partners, and associates slowly grinding their over-lapping assignments.
  • Highest Quality.  Our services match the quality of larger firms.
  • Not Over-Lawyered.  40 years of experience has taught us how to produce quality work and avoid legal overkill.  On many occasions we have been asked to re-do securities offerings that larger firms have produced for $100,000 fees and 100,000 pounds of overkill documentation
  • Part Pay. Part Contingent Billing. Our firm uses a unique payment program. If our clients’ offerings fail to reach minimum capitalization, then the last third of our fee is waived. We can offer this attractive fee structure because less than 3% of our clients fail to raise the capital for their syndications and joint ventures.
  • We Don’t Try To Represent Every Company. We choose our clients as carefully as they choose us and place strict limits on the number of companies we represent. To our knowledge, we are the only law firm which does this. We want to represent clients where our brand of total commitment, partnership and expertise will add the greatest value.
  •  We Treat Our Clients As Long-Term Business Partners. We play an active role in helping our clients succeed. As our clients succeed in building their businesses, we succeed too.

For 40 Years, Our Formula Has Worked Well:

  • Over 850 offerings completed.
  • Over 97% of our clients fund their offerings.
  • Over 16,000 entrepreneurs and executives have studied with us at our seminars, courses and trainings, in 5 countries. Over 100 universities, broker-dealers, investment bankers, venture capital, law and accounting firms have paid to be sponsors at our seminars.
  • Our documentation always passes due diligence at crowdfunding portals, FINRA broker dealers, RIA firms, family offices and independent due diligence firms.
  • Only two clients have ever been investigated/audited by state or federal securities regulators. In both instances our clients received only minor “change practice” orders.
  • Never sued for malpractice.

Syndication Is A “Science” Not An “Art” For Our Firm:

Every syndicator and every syndication deal or joint venture requires either major or some minor customized documentation processes. It would not seem so, since Mark Long Law (now SLG) has served as securities counsel on well over 850 offerings over 40 years. This might seem like an offering documentation mill-type operation. Ironically, it is just the opposite. The large number of different syndicators we have watched, serviced and offerings we have documented has increased our wisdom and creativity as specialized lawyers and business advisors. In addition, our 35 years of research and training activities have deepened our knowledge. Syndication has been a “science” to us, not an “art”. Syndication success is not based on alchemy mixed with luck. Success is based on commitment to treat the syndication process as a discipline. Like practicing any discipline – success is equal parts “best practices” and “best principles”. We can say to a new client, “if you’re going to have a heart transplant, do you want a doctor experienced with 50 operations or a doctor who has performed over 850 operations and is responsible for creating many standards and success strategies in his/her field”? Well that is our firm only we practice law not medicine.

“Our firm has a 40 year history investing and developing real estate for our own account. Several years ago we decided to launch a syndication division. We were referred to Mark Long. We have capitalized on his legal work as well as his strategic help and contacts within the broker-dealer, due diligence and wholesaler sectors. Despite the tough capital markets we launched into in 2010 Mark’s advice on how to build and grow our syndication division has been an enabling part of our success.”

   Jeff Carter                                                              Managing Partner SGI Partners                     

“Our start-up company engaged Mark to prepare our offering documents to meet the requirements of our lead FINRA broker-dealer. The offering was complicated and the demands of the broker-dealer high. Mark met everyone’s expectations.”

  Joel Huizenga                                                        President Egaceutical Corporation               

“As lead placement agent for, we relied on Mark Long and his new venture predictive analytic discovery, diagnostic and design tools during the early rounds of financing. Mark’s tools were indispensable. His tools represent the next generation of venture investing platforms.”

  Tim Penkala                                                          President Pacific West Realty Group           

“We are an Oregon based firm referred to Mark Long. Mark structured our seed capital round for our start-up software company. He made the process easy to understand and his work was excellent. When we sold our company two years later for a substantial profit our acquirer Home Depot didn’t have to rewind and retool our company’s legal and securities laws compliance frameworks – thanks to Mark’s original and accurate advice and documentation.”

  Nate Copper                                                          Co-Founder HD Components                         


1. Exempt offerings for specified property and blind pool funds.

  • Regulation D offerings
  • Intrastate exemption offerings

2. Complete documentation of every component that makes up the syndication process for domestic and foreign direct and intermediary-based placements:

  • Private placement memorandum
  • Entity documentation
  • Contracts
  • Opinions
  • Filings

3. TIC agreements, manager agreements, joint venture agreements, investor transfer and assignment agreements, amendments, exchange agreements, restructurings.

4. Regulation D and Blue Sky compliance filings in all 50 states, plus D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico.

5. Regulation A Registrations.


The maze of Federal and state securities laws is daunting. We keep a system that keeps client costs low and client confidence/assurance high.


Our clients report to us that our offering documentation meets crowdfunding portals’ due diligence protocols. Our clients also report our offering documentation accelerates their process of gaining that first posting.


The challenges of securing selling agreements with FINRA (broker dealers), Investment Bankers, RIA, and family offices is constantly in a state of flux. Every year, compliance requirements and due diligence standards change. We have lawyered, counseled, and acted like a partner with our clients through four major market downturns and many regulatory shift periods (1980, 1986, 1995 and 2008). Our legal work, plus our Placement Advisory services have made SLG a “got-to-have” member of our clients’ team.


All the property acquisition, financing, and management transactions, that make up the lifecycle of a real estate syndication, give rise to many events requiring legal assistance. Our firm and our network of other specialized lawyers provide end to end legal assistance – affordable, fast, and done right.


  • The Capital 8 Group
  • Allen Properties
  • Capital Growth Resources
  • Dry Creek Land Company
  • Cornerstone Equity Fund
  • Realtec
  • Morgan Enterprises
  • Fiola Communities
  • Keiretsu Forum (National Private Investor Alliance)
  • Pacific Lifestyle Homes
  • S. Pacific Capital
  • CIM Securities Corp
  • Santa Fe Securities Inc.
  • HD Components
  • Rancon Group
  • Brookstreet Securities
  • The Darco Group
  • Terra Equity Group
  • Golden Section Properties
  • Freedom Investors Corp.
  • Oregon West Management
  • Equity Advisors International
  • JDL Development LLC
  • Innovest Resource Management
  • Castellaw Investment Groups
  • San Diego Apartment Brokers
  • The Blakemore Group
  • Freedom Investors Corp.
  • Asia Pacific Capital Company
  • Stonecrest Managers
  • American Residential Properties, LLC
  • Sperry Equities
  • Holt Homes
  • NextSpace Development
  • Embree Investment Partners
  • Pacific West Advisors
  • RMT Properties

Partial List of Recent Emerging Companies

  • Smart Caregiver Corp
  • com
  • CSC Telecom
  • Cole Power
  • Aqui Technologies
  • Signal Capital, LLC
  • Cornerstone Equity Fund
  • Realstir
  • InLab Ventures
  • Maui Film Studios
  • HD Components
  • San Diego Hot Vendor Foods
  • Egaceutical Corp
  • Greenfield Communications
  • Titan Energy
  • LGBT Opportunity Fund
  • Pavement Marking Technologies
  • FreeStyle Energy, Inc.
  • Remote Dash
  • Keiretsu Forum (National Angel Investor Association)
  • SilverBridge Technologies
  • Xtreme Boomers, Inc.
  • Sober Partners Network